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Our Services

Our Services

Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

The Surgeon General’s Report estimates that up to 20% of youth experience mental health problems in any given year and approximately 75-80% of youth in need of treatment and support services do not receive adequate care. To close this gap we offer behavioral health services for children, adolescents, adults and families, providing a broad range of mental health services. 

Services include:

  • Behavioral modification provides comprehensive intervention to children and adolescents with mild to severe behavioral disturbances
  • Family Support Services designed to assist families to develop strategies for coping more effectively with problems resulting from behavioral health issues
  • Independent Living Skills (assisting with learning how to take care of home, i.e., laundry, meals, cleaning, etc.)
Family Mental Health Counseling.

Jamison Consultants is committed to providing quality behavioral health & social services to our consumers and their families. We offer:

  • School Based Counseling
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Medical management
  • Crisis management

Treating Today’s Most Common Mental Health Problems for Children, Adolescents, Teens and Families:

ADHD ~ Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) ~ Bipolar Disorder ~ Depression ~ Grief and loss ~ Self-esteem issues Stress management issues ~ Early childhood mental health ~ Trauma and crisis ~ Alzheimer’s DiseaseCase Management Services.

Individual Counseling Services.

At Jamison Consultants, we are also committed to meeting the needs of individuals through our one-on-one counseling services. By taking an integrative approach to healthcare, our clinicians can connect individuals to a number of resources and services to ensure those we serve achieve optimal health.


Community Resource Case Management/Social Services.

Community Resource Case Management/Social Services is a means for achieving beneficiary wellness through communication, education and services identification and referral. At Jamison Consultants we are dedicated to connecting individuals and families to resources they need to live a healthier more productive life.

Our Case Managers are trained to support:

• Individuals with Intellectual and Related Disabilities

• At Risk Children

• Adults with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness

• At Risk Pregnant Women and Infants

• Individuals with Psychoactive Substance Disorder

• Individuals at Risk for Genetic Disorders

• Individuals with Head and Spinal Cord Injuries and Related Disabilities

• Individuals with Sensory Impairments

• Adults with Functional Impairments

Psychological Evaluations and Assessments.

Our skilled clinicians provide psychological evaluations and assessments to our clients inorder to be better informed on how to best provide high quality care to our patients.


To learn more about our integrative health services, call us today at 803-722-0490 and schedule your consultation today.