Robin Dennis, MA-LAC

I attended college in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, receiving a BA in Psychology from Point Park University and a MS in Counseling Education from Duquesne University. Prior to coming to South
Carolina in 1996, my responsibilities included services to youthful offenders, parenting teenagers and
Intensive Family Services.
Upon coming to South Carolina, I have provided therapeutic services in various setting including Coastal
Empire Mental Health as a MH Counselor and Jayreese Therapeutic Services as a Lead Clinical Staff,
then In-home Service Program Director. Since 2009, my professional focus has been on providing
addiction counseling. My work began at Beaufort County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Department where I
provided comprehensive substance abuse counseling. I obtained credentials as a Certified Addictions
Counselor, Master Addictions Counselor as Licensed Addictions Counselor while addressing the needs of
individuals and families who need care and treatment to address substance use issues.
I retired from Beaufort County. The need for substance abuse counseling continues and this is my
specialty at Jamison Consultants.