Our Philosophy of Care


At Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center, we work closely with each individual to provide a personalized, compassionate, flexible and effective approach to the treatment of mental health issues. When it comes to our clinical treatment approach, it all begins with our “Philosophy of Care” – which is something that we think sets us apart from other treatment programs and which ensures that our clients will receive the best possible care to help enhance their lives.

Our “Philosophy of Care” is based on our overriding goal of making each client’s overall welfare our priority. With our individualized approach, we work closely with each client using clinical counseling interventions built on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Cognitive Processing Therapy.   Our foundation is built on the philosophy that people change through a shift in their attitude, and that there are many variables to change. Our role is to help facilitate that change, with the therapist serving as a teacher/coach and building a positive, encouraging relationship with the client in order to facilitate that all-important change in attitude and behavior.

Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center offers a team of experienced, professional clinicians who are all dedicated to this special “Philosophy of Care” and who providing the exact mix of services needed by each individual client. Our program treats each client with empathy and respect, giving them the tools they need to effectively treat mental health problems.

To learn more about Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center’s programs and services and for a complete listing of services offered for both individuals and their families, call us today at our Holly Hill office at 803-496-9000, our Bluffton office at 843-836-5200, or our Orangeburg office at 803-997-2501 to schedule a consultation.