Developmental Disabilities and Special Needs Services


Helping Individuals Enhance Their Quality of Life

Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center offers important programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities, At-Risk Youth, At Risk Pregnant Women and Infants and Adults with Functional Impairments to help teach them life skills and provide needed resources towards self-sufficiency.  As a South Carolina licensed provider of services to meet the needs of those with developmental disabilities, Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center offers a team of experienced professionals with decades of experience in working with both children and adults with disabilities.

Programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs are available at all Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center’s facilities and are covered by most insurance, including Medicaid.

Specific services offered to help enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and special needs (and their families) include:

  • Independent Living Skills (assisting with learning how to take care of home, i.e., laundry, meals, cleaning, etc.)
  • Safety Planning (learning how to manage crisis such as power outage, injury, accessing emergency services, etc.)
  • Job skills (assistance obtaining/maintaining employment, on-site job coaching)
  • Social skills (accessing community organizations, developing healthy hobbies, developing communication skills)
  • Fitness/nutrition counseling (developing and accessing fitness plans, assistance with grocery shopping and meal planning)
  • Transitioning into appropriate housing (obtaining housing, furniture, utilities)
  • Assistance with Community-Based Waiver programs, applications and Community Long-Term Care
  • Family Support Services (including help with transition into an empty nest)
  • Access to Government assistance
  • Coordinating Services (helping to take the burden off caregivers to access services for the client)

Jamison accepts a wide range of insurance for these services, including Medicaid, and is one of only a few private facilities in the state offering Medicaid Targeted Case Management (MTCM). Through the MTCM program that Jamison offers, each Medicaid-eligible individual/family is assigned a MTCM Case Manager, who can then help Medicaid patients with disabilities gain access to doctors, social services, educational resources, jobs and other services.

If you or a family member are living with a disability and can benefit from services to help those with special needs enhance quality of life and gain additional independence, call us today to learn more about how Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center can help through our programs and services. We’re here, we can help – and we’re ready to help those with special needs not only enhance their lives, but truly thrive in the community.

To learn more about Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center’s programs and services and for a complete listing of services offered for both individuals and their families, call us today at your nearest location for more information and to schedule a consultation.