MTCM Target populations: Who is Eligible?

  • Individuals with intellectual and related disabilities
  • At-risk children
  • Adults with serious and persistent mental illness
  • At-risk pregnant women and infants
  • Individuals with psychoactive substance disorder
  • Individuals at risk for genetic disorders
  • Individuals with head and spinal cord Injuries and related disabilities
  • Individuals with sensory impairments
  • Adults with functional impairments

MTCM and Freedom of choice

If you get Medicaid, you decide if want the service(s), and you get to say yes or no to having a MTCM case manager, who can…

  • figure out what services you need
  • help you get needed services
  • help you with problems
  • provide ongoing support

Your decision will not affect your right to access other Medicaid services you qualify for. If you say yes, you pick the provider whom you will work with. You also have the right to change Medicaid Targeted Case Management providers at any time. SCDHHS must be contacted to assist in making this change, so please get in touch with us by any of the methods listed at here.

How to Choose a Provider

If you are eligible and want this help, a list of enrolled/qualified providers will be shared with you. You must choose your provider. Participants and their legal representatives should interview prospective providers to assist in deciding who will best meet their needs. Sometimes a simple call with questions will help you make better choices about the care you receive.

  • Think about what things are most important to you and/or your family member. Talk about these needs with the providers you contact.
  • Ask them what role you and your family members have in planning services.
  • Ask them why you should choose them as your provider.
  • Ask how they will make sure you get the services you need.
  • Ask how they will help you if you have problems with their services.

How to apply for MTCM:

You can apply for MTCM by contacting our office through our online form below or…

  • at any participating state agency
  • through your primary care physician(s)
  • with the help of a community health worker
  • with the help of a hospital discharge worker
  • by calling us directly at 843-705-8118