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September 18th, 2018||

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July 29th, 2015||


Jamison Consultants Hiring Child Service Professionals, Mental Health Professionals and Counselors/LPCs

Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center, which offers a wide range of behavioral health services for children and adults through their four locations throughout the region, will be holding a Job Fair to seek applicants for a variety of positions.

The Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center Job Fair will be held on Monday, May 11th at the Bluffton location of Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center, located at 167 Bluffton Road in Bluffton.  The Job Fair will take place from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center is seeking to hire for the following positions:

– Child Service Professionals
– Mental Health Professionals
– Counselors (LPC’s)

Individuals applying for these positions must have a Bachelor’s degree in human services, with drug abuse counseling preferred.  All applicants should be prepared to show proof of education and bring two copies of their resume to the Job Fair.  All interested individuals should call  Tashauna Wilcox at Jamison Consultants to arrange for a time slot, at 843-757-7500.

Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center currently has facilities in Bluffton, Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Holly Hill.  Since its launch, Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center has helped more than 100 individuals enhance their lives through the Center’s rehabilitative behavioral health services and programs,  and provides a full range of rehabilitative behavioral health services for children, adolescents and families.  Specific services offered include individual psychotherapy, family counseling, group therapy, children’s therapy, couples counseling, day treatment and behavior modification.  The Center specializes in a number of issues affecting families today, including ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders and grief/loss, as well as providing help with self-esteem issues and stress management.  Children and adolescents with a diagnosable mental health condition who have problems functioning successfully in school or at home and have Medicaid insurance may be eligible for these services.

May 4th, 2015||

Worried About Your Child? We Can Help. FREE Programming for Parents



Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center to Hold Free Programs to Help Parents Understand and Identify Mental Health Problems in Children and Teens

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center has announced that they will be holding a series of FREE programs, open to the public, to address common mental health concerns in children/teens and screen for potential mental health problems.  The Jamison Consultants “Make May Matter:  Recognizing and Treating Mental Health Problems in Your Children and Teens” program was created to encourage those whose children and teens may have early warning signs of a mental health issue to seek more information, a diagnosis and effective treatment for a wide variety of common mental health conditions that, if left untreated, can have serious negative consequences on the lives of today’s children and teens.

The “Make May Matter” Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center mental health community programs and free screenings will provide the public with an opportunity participate in basic screening activities via questionnaire and one-on-one discussions that may help identify potential mental health problems in children and teens.  In addition, the programs will provide an important overview of some of the top early warning signs of mental illness in children and teens, what treatments/services are available for children/teens, and what parents should do if they think their child could benefit from help surrounding a wide variety of mental health conditions.  The programs will also allow for a question and answer session, as well as personal on-site consultation upon request.

Dates and times for the “Make May Matter: Recognizing and Treating Mental Health Problems in Your Children and Teens” programs are:

  • May 5th, 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., Bluffton Library, 120 Palmetto Way, Bluffton (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)
  • May 12th, 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., Beaufort Library, 311 Scott Street, Beaufort (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)

Speakers at the Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center are Stephanie Jamison-Void, CEO of Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center and Laura Knobel, M.D., FAAFP, a board certified family physician at St. Joseph’s Candler Medical Group located in Belfair Plaza in Bluffton.  Dr. Knobel, who graduated from Boston University Medical School and did her residency at the Brown University Program in Family Medicine in Pawtucket RI, has been active on the national level, most recently sitting on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
According to statistics from National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), four million children and adolescents in this country suffer from a serious mental disorder that causes significant functional impairments at home, at school and with peers. Of children ages 9 to 17, 21 percent have a diagnosable mental or addictive disorder that causes at least minimal impairment, with half of all lifetime cases of mental disorders beginning by age 14.  Each year, only 20 percent of children with mental disorders are identified and receive mental health services.

“There are many children and teens in our local community who may potentially be showing the early warning signs of various mental health conditions, but whose parents and caregivers might not know what they should be looking for in terms of early symptoms that may signal a diagnosable mental health disorder,” says Stephanie Jamison-Void, CEO of Jamison Consultants.  “Our goal is to help parents understand what is normal child/adolescent behavior, and what signs and symptoms may require further investigation for a possible diagnosis, so that they can get the help they need at the early stages, which is when treatment is most effective.”

For more information about the May mental health programs at Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center, call 843-757-7500.

April 15th, 2015||

Jamison Consultants Summer Camp is a Great Option for Fun … and Enrichment!

3b960568-c9f2-49fc-880d-b095e81e90eeThe summer months – and summer vacation for school age kids – are right around the corner.  If you haven’t already decided for sure what your kids will be doing this summer – or if you know someone who might be looking for a fun, local and affordable summer camp option for their child/children with the added benefits of being able to continuing to work on important behavioral health issues during the summer months as well – consider our Jamison Summer Camp this summer!

At our Jamison Summer Camp, kids of all ages can enjoy a wide array of fun summer outdoor and indoor activities – all under the supervision of our experienced staff members.  Our location is transformed into a fun, yet nurturing, summer camp – with sports, games, arts & crafts and, best of all, trained and experienced counselors who work to make sure that the summer camp experience is both fun, and enriching, for students of all ages.

So while the weather still might not have you thinking that summer is on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start planning your child’s summer activities.  Call us today to learn more about our Jamison Summer Camp and the specific activities we’ve already got lined up for this summer.   Better yet, come for a tour of our facilities (or send someone you know who is in the process of thinking about summer camps) and let us show you how Jamison Summer Camp can help make this summer a great one for families in our area!

April 2nd, 2015||

Helping Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Special Needs with Services to Assist Independence and Enhance Quality of Life

07f0607f-2291-43e2-aed1-ecc03c1b036eJamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center offers important programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to help teach the life skills so important for independent living.  Programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs are available at all four of Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center’s facilities: Hardeeville, Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Holly Hill

Jamison accepts a wide range of insurance for these services, including Medicaid, and is one of only a few private facilities in the state offering Medicaid Targeted Case Management (MTCM).  Through the MTCM program that Jamison offers, each Medicaid-eligible individual/family is assigned a MTCM Case Manager, who can then help Medicaid patients with disabilities gain access to doctors, social services, educational resources, jobs and other services.

Specific services offered by Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center to help enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and special needs (and their families) include:

  • Independent Living Skills (assisting with learning how to take care of home, i.e., laundry, meals, cleaning, etc.)
  • Safety Planning (learning how to manage crisis such as power outage, injury, accessing emergency services, etc.)
  • Job skills (assistance obtaining/maintaining employment, on-site job coaching)
  • Social skills (accessing community organizations, developing healthy hobbies, developing communication skills)
  • Fitness/nutrition counseling (developing and accessing fitness plans, assistance with grocery shopping and meal planning)
  • Transitioning into appropriate housing (obtaining housing, furniture, utilities)
  • Assistance with Community-Based Waiver programs, applications and Community Long-Term Care
  • Family Support Services (including help with transition into an empty nest)
  • Access to Government assistance
  • Coordinating Services (helping to take the burden off caregivers to access services for the client)

To learn more about Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center’s programs and services for individuals with disabilities and special needs, and for a complete listing of services offered for both individuals and their families, call 843-757-7500.

March 27th, 2015||

Stephanie Jamison Speaks at Boys And Girls Clubs Of The Lowcountry

SJ headshotStephanie Jamison recently spoke at the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry, presenting an overview of how Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center can help children in need of behavioral health services who are currently also involved in the Boys and Girls Clubs program throughout the region.  Her interactive presentation — which provided an important overview of Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center’s programs and services at all of our locations throughout the area – was important in helping to let more people know about the affordable and convenient options available to them in receiving behavioral health services for their children, and how insurance (including Medicaid) can cover the majority of these services.

More than 2,200 members ages 6-18 years old belong to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry with over 600 attending on a daily basis. The organization operates six (6) clubs in Beaufort and Jasper Counties, with its mission “to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

Stephanie’s presentation was well attended and well-received, and helped to provide families, educators and child care professionals with valuable information that they can use in seeking appropriate assistance in helping children with mental health/behavioral health issues.  We are excited to have partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry for this presentation and opportunity to meet with so many local residents – and look forward to continuing to help and support the work done by this wonderful organization as they continue to provide so many important opportunities and resources for children throughout our region.

For more information about Stephanie Jamison’s presentation at the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry, or to inquire about booking Stephanie to speak at your group or organization on a wide variety of timely topics surrounding mental health and behavioral health in both children and adults, call us at 843-757-7500.

February 15th, 2015||

New Year, New Mental Health Resolutions: Tips for Improving Your Mental Health in 2015

While many people center their New Year’s resolutions around diet and exercise, there is another important area that many of us can, and should, focus on in the coming year:  improving mental health and well-being.  So as we head full-force into 2015, it’s important to not only consider ways to incorporate exercise  and eating right into your lifestyle, but to look at ways in which you can improve your mental health (and the mental health of your family) in the year ahead.

According to the World Health Organization, good mental health is defined as “a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”   Good mental health is a critical part of a person’s overall health – with numerous studies showing that individuals with poor mental health are at increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

January 20th, 2015||

Ken Camp Joins Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center As Benefits Coordinator

6dc9965c-212a-4c99-b481-a77a6f22890fJamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center has announced that Ken Camp has joined the organization as Benefits Coordinator.  Camp joins the rapidly expanding behavioral health center’s human resource department, and will be overseeing benefits at all four of Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center’s locations in Bluffton, Holly Hill, Hilton Head Island and Beaufort.  He will be working out of the Bluffton office, located at 167 Bluffton Road.

Ken has more than 25 years of experience in the area of human resources, and was formerly in the Human Resources department at Home Depot in Bluffton.

January 20th, 2015||

Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center Opens New Beaufort Office

4a0529a6-1a2f-40ea-821f-e86683cd4cc7Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center has been rapidly expanding over the past year — since opening their second location in Bluffton last spring, the Center has also opened facilities on Hilton Head Island … and has recently opened a new Beaufort office.  The new office is located at 14 Savannah HWY #23 Beaufort SC 29906.

In addition to providing residents throughout the Beaufort community with access to important, and affordable, mental health services, the new Beaufort office also works closely with Beaufort schools to provide students with important services.  Through a contract with the Beaufort School District, Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center has programs in place to help children, adolescents and teens manage a variety of behavioral health and mental health issues to enhance their lives both at school, and at home.

In working with the Beaufort School District,  Jamison Consultants works to triage, screen, refer or treat children enrolled in Beaufort County Schools who meet criteria and medical necessity for RBHS services.  Jamison Consultants also provides an orientation to appropriate school staff, and provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to visit the afterschool program if applicable.  Jamison Consultants also appoints representatives to work collaboratively on development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or 504 plans for students with disabilities, and assists the district in providing access to services for  children with IEPs receiving RBHS services.

Jamison Consultants Behavioral Health Center’s partnership with the Beaufort School District, which started October 1st of this year. initially began in the district last November 2013 with one student.  The success rate was 100% compliance and progress made after 6 months.  The results gave Jamison the opportunity to prove that the services work — and the district realized that an outside agency with experience in specific mental illnesses and conduct disorders would aid in keeping children healthy and successful in school and life.

Through this partnership, Jamison Consultants works on individual goals with each child or family that is referred by the school social worker or guidance counselor.  The family receives a full diagnostic assessment by a Licensed Professional Counselor and then recommendation for services will start. Based on the diagnosis such as conduct disorder, HR will hire, train and send a qualified professional out to the school to work one-on-one to redirect any negative behaviors with the student and encourage the positive behaviors.  Jamison Consultants also provides home and family support to the parent/guardian based on their individual needs as well.

We are excited about the launch of our new Beaufort office and the opportunity to serve local residents through this new facility, and pleased to be working closely with Beaufort schools to help students and families in need of our services improve their quality of life.  For more information about our new Beaufort office and services available at this and all of our four locations, visit www.jamisonconsultants.com or call us at 843-379-2688.

December 20th, 2014||