Case Management Services

Medicaid Targeted Case Management (MTCM) is a means for achieving beneficiary wellness through communication, education and services identification and referral. MTCM is a time-limited process that provides an organized structured process for moving beneficiaries through the process of change and toward the goal of self-sufficiency.


  • The MTCM process is a shared partnership between the beneficiary and/or responsible party and the case manager.
  • Beneficiaries and/or responsible parties are actively involved in all phases of the process – assessment, planning, problem solving and identification of resources.
  •  MTCM ensures available resources are efficiently accessed and being used in a timely and cost effective manner.

MTCM activities ensure that the changing needs of the Medicaid beneficiary are addressed on an ongoing basis and that appropriate choices are provided from the broadest array of options to meet those needs.

MTCM service to the following target population(s):

• Individuals with Intellectual and Related Disabilities

• At Risk Children • Adults with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness

• At Risk Pregnant Women and Infants

• Individuals with Psychoactive Substance Disorder

• Individuals at Risk for Genetic Disorders

• Individuals with Head and Spinal Cord Injuries and Related Disabilities

• Individuals with Sensory Impairments

• Adults with Functional Impairments

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